Thursday, April 30, 2009

eyelash extensions

Maria Rahmany of Van City Makeup Artist gave me eyelash extensions the other day and now I am in love with them! I was a bit nervous because I thought it would be painful or uncomfortable (or that I'd get my eyes glued shut.. yikes!!), but I just about fell asleep a couple times while she was putting them in, now I can't even feel that I have them!

I thought I'd blog about them because they're perfect for weddings (I wish I'd know about them a few months ago!) because they look WAY more natural than most fake lashes I've seen. And they last three weeks, which is a bonus too!

Here's a few before/afters that Maria took for her blog..

Here's one more that Jin took yesterday (and I'm not wearing any make-up here, just the lashes)

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