Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brasil #2

Okay, I know I´ve been bad about posting and I apologize! What little time I spend on the computer I´m generally responding to various client emails so I haven´t had a chance to blog but I promise to be a better blogger in February/March :)

Here are a few more images from the trip...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Here's just a few photos from the point and shoot camera of our trip so far..

We started in Salvador...


This is the town we're in now.. the first time I came here was about five years ago and the friend I was travelling with and I had only intended to stay for one night.. The day we arrived we wound up making some local friends and had such an incredible time that I stayed 3 weeks (and I only left because after 8 months of travelling it was about time to be heading home) and he stayed 3 months..  Now is my third time back and it's still one of my favourite places in Brasil, it's starting to get a bit more tourism here, there's a total of 8 bed-and-breakfasts here now instead of the 2 that were here the first time we came, but it still has the same laid back feel it always did.. our days here have mostly consisted of going to the beach and chilling out in hammocks for some much needed R&R.. now that it's almost the weekend I'm looking forward to some dancing at night!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's been an incredible year.. We worked with so many awesome couples who we've had a ton of fun with. It's always kinda sad when it's time for them to pick up their final albums, knowing that our work for them is done (well, until they start having babies, of course :P But I know we will keep in touch with many of them..

We're about halfway booked up for 2009 and already have some amazing weddings to look forward to - I can't wait!!

Maybe in 2009 we will combine our love for travel with our love for photographing weddings, here are a few places we would love to photograph weddings this year!:

1. in a European Castle
2. in a Tuscan winery
3. on the beaches of Mexico
4. on the top of a mountain, arriving by helicopter, hot air balloon or any other interesting flying device :)

Although really, anywhere will do :)

Happy New Year!