Friday, October 26, 2007

Hollie, Jeff & Ella

Yesterday afternoon I set out with my friend Hollie, her husband Jeff and their daughter Ella to take some family portraits and had such a great time with them. Boy did Ella kept me on my toes!

I love this little sequence of the three of them!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dekker's Spot

Dekker has adjusted well to the move and has already found his favourite spot.. He loves to lay at the edge of the loft and watch everything that goes on downstairs!

I was talking to him while I took this last picture. I love it when he tilts his head like this as if to say "I don't understand you"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lara & Alyssa

Generally 'destination' weddings have fewer guests in attendance since it can be difficult for many friends and family to travel for a wedding. I was amazed by how many people travelled to Lara and Alyssa's wedding. From Bellingham to Australia, every single one of Lara & Alyssa's 60 or so guests were from out of town. Lara & Alyssa themselves are from New York. But it didn't surprise me, they seem to be just the type of people that everyone would want to be friends with. You could just see the love between these two..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alyssa & Lara

Although we'd talked plenty via email and the telephone, I hadn't met Lara and Alyssa until this afternoon since they flew in just yesterday for their wedding this weekend. It was so great to finally meet them both and they were AWESOME to photograph! I especially love photographing people who smile a lot and they were definately 'smilers' :)

I also found out today that Alyssa is a photographer as well.. what an honour to be hired by another photographer for their wedding!!

Legally Argentine!

I met up with the Consul of Argentina today to sign the papers to become an Argentine citizen (my dad is Argentine).. I even got a new birth certificate, although I'm not sure how that works..? When I started the paperwork for this I was told it would take about 6-8 months and 3 years later it was finally ready! The Argentines loooove their red-tape :) I applied for it after being deported from Brasil a few years back (through no fault of my own, the man at the border crossing put the wrong stamp in my passport) and I thought it would come in handy for travelling in the area..

I haven't been back to Argentina in almost two years now, but hopefully I'll have another chance to go sometime soon.. If ever you get the chance I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2007 season coming to a close...

My 2007 wedding season is starting to slow down, just one more wedding left to photograph (check back this weekend for Alyssa & Lara!) and a ton of wedding albums to work on. It's been such a fabulous season!! So far dates are booking up quickly for 2008, I'm almost halfway booked for the year, and am already fully booked for August. Looking at all the great couples that I already have booked for next year, it looks like 2008 will be just as much fun as 2007!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Maggie & Matthew

I knew yesterday would be a great wedding to photograph after our very fun engagement session at Playland this summer.

Since the rain didn't want to stop, we wound up changing locations for the wedding party formals but it worked out really well and we managed to get a ton of fantastic images. The poor girls were freezing in their dresses but they were great sports and agreed to all my crazy ideas!

Matthew had to correctly answer a series of questions about Maggie before he was allowed to enter the house for the tea ceremonies.

Maggie had the most beautiful detailing on her dress

Florist: Wayne Louie 604-868-8981 (this guy was incredible! He did an amazing job on the flowers and really seemed to go above and beyond)
Baker: Andy Li 604-232-1188