Sunday, August 26, 2007


Years ago I was salsa-crazy, going to dance a couple times a week, but now I only go once or twice a year.

Throughout this summer, every Sunday afternoon there has been salsa dancing in Robson Square. Today I went to check it out and had such a great time I wish I'd gone sooner (today was the last day). I've offically decided that this fall I'm going to get back into it!

If you haven't tried salsa dancing I HIGHLY recommend it because it is sooo much fun! It is also a great way to impress all your guests for your first dance :)

Here are a couple of my favourite salsa teachers:
Tony from Easy Salsa
Diego from Grupo America

For all of Vancouver's salsa info: Salsa Vancouver

Zosia & Matt - Green College

We really lucked out with the weather yesterday. Just as we were leaving the church after a beautiful ceremony it started to completely pour, but it stopped just in time for us to arrive at the beach and we had the most incredible light for their formals and the rest of the afternoon. I had a great time photographing them, their families, and wedding party - and it was clear that the rest of the guests enjoyed themselves too!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Today I went to the most inspiring wedding photography seminar! I only found out about it a couple weeks ago so I was really lucky that there was still space available and that I didn't have anything scheduled for the day.

It was lead by Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis who were named two of the "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World" by People Magazine. And rightly so. Their images are incredible, and they just had so much information and techniques to share. I left feeling completely inspired and can't wait for my next photo shoot!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Francia & John

I'm so bad. I always have to rush home after every photo session because I'm always so excited to see how the photos turned out!! This evening was no exception - I had such a great time with these two, and they had such great chemistry that I was dying to see everything!..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kate & Kenny

Normally during the summer months I'm only able to schedule engagement/children's sessions during the weekdays but this and next weekend it was nice to have a chance to do it during the weekend.

Kate and Kenny were naturals for the camera, I loved that they were so spontaneous! Stay tuned for their wedding which is in just under a month.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brianna & Ryan

oh WOW! What an amazing shoot!

Having a photo session after the wedding is a great opportunity to have more fun in your wedding dress and to get a ton more photos in it. Even better if you head to the ocean to make it a wet session!

Generally these are done a week or two after the wedding, but for Ryan and Brianna it was just after their first wedding anniversay! It was great to photograph them again (some of the photos from their wedding are still in the weddings section on the main site) and what a way to end the first year!

ps.. from what I hear the dresses dryclean very well afterwards!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Maria & Mike - Queen Elizabeth Pavilion

Mike and Maria are such a sweet, wonderful couple, I really enjoyed spending the day with them. I also had a ton of fun wandering the park with them and their wedding party while taking their photos before the ceremony!

Maria did all her own beading on her dress, which looked fabulous!

Some great games were played - this one involved a blind-folded Maria who had to feel the men's bottoms until she found Mike! Mike was called a 'maybe' a few times before she found him!

Hair & Makeup: Davolo Make-up 778-991-6040
Cake: Maxim's Bakery
Men's Tuxedos: Classy Formalwear
Bridesmaid's dresses: Selective Fashions
Custom Bridesmaid's Jewelry: Beadworks
Bridal Gown: Anj's Boutique in Calgary.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Maggie & Matthew - Playland!

It was so exciting to shoot at such a fun location today! Games, rides, typical fair junk food... What more could I have asked for? Maggie and Matthew got right into it and even had some cool ideas of their own!

I thought taking pictures while on the big coaster would be so neat, but after the first hill, taking photos was the last thing on my mind and all I could do was hang on for my life!! I did manage to sneak in a few more though, and it was well worth it!